The Official, Unofficial Master List: Rawlings Official Major League Baseball Commemorative Game Balls

The following baseballs are considered to be official game balls, produced for and for the most part, used in Official Major League Baseball regular season and spring training games. The list includes “canceled” baseballs and a few “Official Game-Style Replicas.” Additional lists below for Official International-MLB Exhibitions, Rawlings Company Promotional Balls, MLB Officially-Stamped Promo Baseballs, and MLB Prototypes and Misprints.

UPDATED: June 24, 2014

2014 Commemorative Game Balls & Recommendations (16 Confirmed)

2014 Panama Legend Series Yankees vs. Marlins Honoring Mariano Rivera March 15-16 (Released, RARE!)
2014 MLB Opening Series Sydney, Australia Diamondbacks, Dodgers; March 22-23 (Released. BUY HERE!)
2014 Opening Day Baseballs (Released. Want one?)
2014 Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field 100th Anniversary (Released. Available Here.)
2014 Baltimore Orioles 60th Anniversary (Released. Available)
2014 Atlanta Braves 40th Anniversary, Hank Aaron’s 715th Home Run 4/8 vs. Mets (LIMITED)
2014 Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field 100th Anniversary Game, DATED 4/23, RARE (LIMITED, Available Here!)
*2013-2014 Mother’s Day May 14, Pink Laces & Stamping Baseball (Available here. Same as 2013)
2014 MLB Civil Rights Game Baseball Orioles @ Astros May 30 NEW DESIGN! (No Retail – Booo!)
2014 San Diego Padres Petco Park 10th Anniversary – June 21, in use through remainder 2014! (Available Now!)
2014 Lou Gehrig / ALS Awareness Day, New York Yankees 75th Anniversary of Gehrig’s Speech, July 2 (Doubtful)
2014 Babe Ruth 100th Anniversary, Inaugural Game, July 11, 1914 (Doubtful)
2014 All-Star Futures Game Baseball (UNCONFIRMED)
2014 White Home Run Derby Baseball (Confirmed)
2014 24-Karat Gold Home Run Derby Game Ball (Confirmed)
2014 Home Run Derby Gold Replica Game Ball (Will not be used) (Unconfirmed)
2014 All-Star Game Baseball Minnesota Twins (Available. Pictured)
2014 Hall of Fame 75th Anniversary (HOF Weekend July 26-27) (Unknown)
2014 Todd Helton Colorado Rockies #17 Number Retirement, August, 17. (Doubtful)
2014 NY Yankees Derek Jeter Farewell Captain #2 Game Ball. (Date of game-use unknown.) (Released)
2014 Post Season Official Game Ball (Confirmed)
2014 World Series Official Baseball (Confirmed)

Other 2014 Events and Commemorative Baseball Opportunities: Citizens Bank Park 10th Anniversary, Jackie Robinson Day April 15, Memorial Day May 26, Little League Baseball 75th Anniversary June 6, Ken Griffey Jr. Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Game Ball Aug.  Aug. 8-10, 9/11 Remembrance Day, Star Spangled Banner 200th Anniversary Sept. 14, Roberto Clemente Day Sept. 17. MLB Commissioner Allan “Bud” Selig retirement/farewell baseball.

2014 MISSED OPPORTUNITIES: Montreal Olympic Stadium Toronto Blue Jays vs. NY Mets March 28-29. 2014 Cleveland Indians Progressive Field (Jacobs Field) 20th Anniversary. Texas Rangers Globe Life Park 20th Anniversary Ball or Inaugural Season as “Globe Life Park.” Welcome Back Veterans-Military Appreciation Camouflage “Camo Ball” (Green-Brown Stitch, Green Digital-Camo Logo). 2014 25th Anniversary, Toronto Blue Jays Rogers Centre / Skydome June 5. 2014 Father’s Day June 15, Light Blue Laces & Stamping Baseball.

2013 Commemorative MLB Game Balls (14*)
2013 Major League Baseball Opening Day (League-wide)
2013 Houston Astros American League Inaugural Season
2013 Colorado Rockies 20th Anniversary
2013 St. Louis Cardinals Stan “The Man” Musial Night Game Ball 4/12/2013
2013 MLB Mother’s Day Official Game Ball (League-wide) 5/12/2013
2013 All-Star Futures Game
2013 Home Run Derby Ball
*2013 Home Run Derby Gold Replica Ball (Unused/Replica. Very limited.)
2013 Home Run Derby 24 Karat Gold Ball
2013 All-Star Game Ball New York Mets
*2010-2013 Civil Right Game Chicago White Sox vs.Texas Rangers 8/24 (2010 ball, not counted.)
2013 New York Yankees Mariano Rivera Final Season, Retirement Game Sept. 22 vs. Giants
2013 New York Mets – Mets Hall of Fame Induction Mike Piazza Game Ball Sept. 29
2013 Postseason (AL & NL Wildcard, Division and Championship Series)
2013 World Series (Red Sox)

2012 Commemorative Game Balls (16*)
2012 Japan Opening Series Seattle Mariners vs. Oakland Athletics
2012 Marlins Park Ceremonial Opening Night Ball 4/4/12 vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Unused)
2012 Inaugural Season, Miami Marlins & Marlins Park
2012 50th Anniversary, Houston Astros
2012 50th Anniversary, New York Mets
2012 100th Anniversary at Fenway Park – Boston Red Sox
2012 50th Anniversary Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium
2012 20th Anniversary Camden Yards Baltimore Orioles
*2010-13 Civil Rights Game, Atlanta Braves vs. LA Dodgers August 18 (2010 ball, not counted.)
2012 All-Star Futures Game Baseball Kansas City Royals
2012 All-Star Home Run Derby Ball, Kansas City Royals
*2012 All-Star Gold Home Run Derby Replica Baseball KC Royals (Unused/Replica)
2012 All-Star Home Run Derby 24 Karat Gold-Infused Leather Ball KC Royals
2012 All-Star Game, Kansas City Royals
2012 Chipper Jones Retirement Game Ball (Used 9/28-9/30, Final Home Series vs. Mets)
2012 Postseason Game Ball (Used in Wild Card, Division & Championship Series)
2012 World Series (Pictured!)

2011 MLB (8*)
2011 World Series
2011 Florida Marlins / Sun Life Stadium Final Game 9-28-2011 (Pictured!)
2011 All-Star Game Arizona
2011 Home Run Derby 24K Gold (Actual Derby Ball)
*2011 Home Run Derby Gold (Unused, replaced with real gold version)
2011 Home Run Derby
2011 All-Star Futures Game
2011 Teams Unite for Joplin KC Royals vs. St. Louis Cardinals (June 17-20)
*2010 – 2013 Civil Rights Game  May 15th, PHI @ ATL. (2010 ball, not counted here.)
2011 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 50th Anniversary Game Ball (Pictured!)
2011 Inaugural Season, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick – Diamondbacks & Rockies Exclusive!

2010 MLB (10)
2010 World Series
2010 All-Star Game Los Angeles Angels
2010 HR Derby
2010 HR Derby Gold Ball
2010 All-Star Futures
2010 San Juan Series (FLA. vs. NYM)
2010-2013 Civil Rights Game (STL @ CIN) (Pictured!)
2010 Minnesota Target Field Inaugural Season
2010 Opening Day (Ceremonial 1st Pitch Baseball)
2010 MLB Taiwan Games (LA Dodgers vs. CPBL, Exhibition Games)

2009 MLB (9)
2009 World Series
2009 All-Star Game St. Louis
2009 HR Derby
2009 HR Derby Gold Ball
2009 All-Star Futures
2009 Citi Field Inaugural Season
2009 Yankee Stadium Inaugural Season
2009 HHH Metrodome Final season
2009 Opening Day

2008 MLB (13)
2008 World Series
2008 All-Star New York Yankees
2008 All-Star HR Derby
2008 RED HR Derby Ball (Made for “Call Your Shot” HRD Promo – Use Unknown)
2008 All-Star HR Derby Gold Ball
2008 All-Star Futures Game
2008 Welcome Back Veterans (July 4th, Game Use Unknown)
2008 DC Park Inaugural Season
2008 Shea Stadium Final Season
2008 Yankee Stadium Final Season
2008 MLB Opening Day
2008 Opening Series Japan
2008 Opening Day China Series (Spring)

2007 MLB (7)
2007 World Series (Red Sox)
2007 All-Star Game San Fransisco
2007 All-Star HR Derby
2007 All Star HR Derby Gold Ball
2007 All Star Futures Game
2007 MLB Jackie Robinson 60th Ann.
2007 MLB Opening Day

2006 MLB (8)
2006 World Series (STL)
2006 All-Star Pittsburgh
2006 All-Star HR Derby
2006 All-Star HR Derby Gold Ball
2006 All-Star Futures Game
2006 Busch Stadium Inaugural Season
2006 Busch Stadium Inaugural Game
2006 MLB Opening Day

2005 MLB (11)
2005 World Series (CHI Sox)
2005 All-Star Detroit
2005 All-Star HR Derby Ball
2005 All-Star HR Derby (1st) Gold Ball
2005 All-Star Futures Game (No Retail?)
2005 MLB Opening Day “April”
2005 Red Sox “2004 WS Champs” Opening Day Ball
2005 Toronto Rogers Center Opening Day Ball
2005 Busch Stadium Final Season (Final Home stand Ball)
2005 Washington Nationals Inaugural Season
2005 Jackie Robinson Day

2004 MLB (9)
2004 World Series (BOS)
2004 All-Star Game Houston
2004 All-Star HR Derby Ball
2004 All-Star Futures Game
2004 Roberto Clemente Day Baseball (All MLB 9/21/04)
2004 Phillies Citizen Bank Inaugural Season
2004 Opening Day Game Ball
2004 Japan Opening Series (NYY vs. TB)
2004 Serie De Primavera Ball (Spring Series) Marlins vs. Astros

2003 MLB (10)
2003 World Series (FLA)
2003 All Star CHI White Sox
2003 All Star HR Derby Ball
2003 All Star Futures Game
2003 Phillies Veteran Stadium Final Season
2003 Cincinnati Great American Ballpark Opening Day
2003 Yankees 100th Anniversary Season
2003-2004 Expos Puerto Rico Series Ball
2003 Serie De Primavera (Spring Series) Mets Dodgers
2003 Japan Opening Series (CANCELED)

2002 MLB (10)
2002 World Series (ANA)
2002 All Star Milwaukee
2002 All Star HR Derby Ball
2002 All Star Future Stars Game Ball
2002 Memorial Day American Flag Ball (1st Pitch Ball)
2002 July 4th American Flag (1st Pitch Ball)
2002 September 11th, 2002 American Flag (1st Pitch Ball)
2002 Opening Day American Flag (1st Pitch Ball)
2002 Cincinnati Reds Riverfront Stadium Final Game
2002 Reggie Jackson Day

2001 MLB (16)
2001 World Series (ARI)
2001 World Series American Flag Ceremonial 1st Pitch
2001 World Series Version 1 (Unused)
2001 All Star Game Seatle
2001 All Star Home Run Derby
2001 All Star Futures Game
2001 MLB Cal Ripken Farewell Game
2001 MLB Cal Ripken Final Game – Canceled/Unused (Postpostponed, Ball Unused)
2001 Tony Gwynn Final Game Ball
2001 4th of July American Flag
2001 Milwaukee Miller Park Opening Day Ball
2001 PNC Park Opening Day Ball
2001 100th Year Anniversary of American League (AL Only)
2001 Opening Day Ball “2001” (NL Only)
2001 Opening Day San Juan Puerto Rico
2001 Month of the Americas (Spring Training “World Tour”)

2000 MLB (17)
2000 World Series (NYY)
2000 All Star Game ATL
2000 All Star Home Run Derby Ball
2000 All Star Futures Game Ball
2000 4th of July American Flag Ball
2000 MLB Turner Field Edition All Star Ball
2000 Pac Bell Park SF Inaugural Game
2000 Millennium Edition Inaugural Game Ball
2000 Milwaukee County Stadium Final Game Ball
2000 Houston Enron Field Inaugural Year Ball
2000 Three Rivers Stadium Ball
2000 Comerica Park Inaugural Season (No date)
2000 Comerica Park Inaugural GAME (Dated)
2000 Japan Opening Series Opening Day Ball (Cubs-Mets)
2000 Month of the Americas (Spring Training “World Tour”)
2000 Hall of Fame Game (“2000″ Generic? Or annual game ball (01-08?)
2000 Hall of Fame Game Arizona vs. Cleveland (Dated “Hall of Fame Game 2000″)

1999 MLB (14)
1999 World Series (NYY)
1999 All Star Game BOS
1999 All-Star HR Derby Ball
1999 American League ALCS (NYY vs. BOS)
1999 National League NLCS (ATL VS. NYM)
1999 American League ALDS (NYY vs. TEX, CLE vs. BOS)
1999 National League NLDS (ATL vs. HOU, ARI vs. NYM)
1999 American League Ball Tiger Stadium Final Game (Stadium Issue)
1999 Houston Astrodome’s Final Game Oct. 3, 1999 (35 Years 1965-1999)
1999 Milwaukee County Stadium Final Game (Game ball was used. New version in 2000)
1999 National League Final Series at Candlestick Park “Tell It Goodbye!” (September 28-30)
1999 American League Fenway Park Edition All Star Ball
1999 Hank Aaron 715th HR 25th Anniversary
1999 SafeCo Field Inaugural Game

1998 MLB (10)
1998 World Series (NYY)
1998 All Star Game Colorado
1998 American League Championship Series ALCS (CLE vs. NYY)
1998 National League Championship Series NLCS (ATL vs. SD)
1998 American League Division Series ALDS (NYY vs. TEX, CLE vs. BOS)
1998 National League Division Series NLDS (ATL vs. CHC, HOU vs. SD)
1998 NL All-Star Game Colorado Edition
1998 Joe Dimaggio Day (9/27/98)
1998 Arizona Diamondbacks Opening Day Ball
1998 Tampa Bay Devil Rays Inaugural Season Baseball

1997 MLB (9)
1997 World Series (FLA)
1997 All Star Game CLE
1997 National League Championship Series NLCS (FLA vs. ATL)
1997 American League Championship Series ALCS (CLE vs. BAL)
1997 American League Division Series (CLE vs. NYY, BAL vs. SEA)
1997 National League Division Series (SF vs. FLA, HOU vs. ATL)
1997 AL All Star Game Cleveland Edition
1997 NL Jackie Robinson 50th Anniversary (Opening Day)
1997 AL Jackie Robinson 50th Anniversary (Opening Day)

1996 MLB (12)
1996 World Series w/ Selig Stamp (Used alongside No-Commish Version) (NYY)
1996 World Series (NO Commissioner Stamp) (NYY)
1996 All Star Game PHI
1996 National League Championship Series NLCS Version 2 (STL vs. ATL)
1996 National League Championship Series NLCS Version 1 (STL vs. ATL)
1996 American League Championship Series ALCS Version 2 ( (BAL vs. NYY)
1996 American League Championship Series ALCS Version 1 ALCS (BAL vs. NYY)
1996 American League Division Series ALDS Version 2 (TEX VS. NYY, CLE vs. BAL)
1996 National League Division Series NLDS Version 2 (ATL vs. LAD, SD vs. STL)
1996 American League Division Series ALDS Version 1 (TEX VS. NYY, CLE vs. BAL)
1996 National League Division Series NLDS Version 1 (ATL vs. LAD, SD vs. STL)
1996 American League Mickey Mantle Game Ball (8/25/96)
1996 La Primera Serie – Monterrey, Mexico SD Padres vs. NY Mets

1991-1995 Special Event Baseballs (4)
1995 Cal Ripken Games 2130/2131 (Orange Laces)            
1994 American League Cleveland Jacobs Field Inaugural Ball            
1991 American League White Sox Comiskey Park Inaugural Ball
1983 Philadelphia Phillies 100th Anniversary Game Ball (National League Feeney)

ALL-STAR BASEBALLS 1979 – 1995 (18)
1995 All-Star Game Texas
1994 All-Star Game Pittsburgh
1993 All-Star Game Baltimore
1992 All-Star Game San Diego (1st multi-color laced)
1991 All-Star Game Toronto
1990 All-Star Game Chicago Cubs
1989 All-Star Game Anaheim
1988 All-Star Game Cincinnati
1987 All-Star Game Oakland
1986 All-Star Game Houston RED STAMPING (Game use is unconfirmed)
1986 All-Star Game Houston
1985 All-Star Game Minnesota
1984 All-Star Game San Fransisco
1983 All-Star Game Chicago White Sox
1982 All-Star Game Montreal
1981 All-Star Game Cleveland
1980 All-Star Game Los Angeles Dodgers
1979 All-Star Game Seattle (50TH) (1st Commemorative All-Star Baseball)

1995 World Series (ATL)
1994 World Series (UNUSED)
1993 World Series (TOR)
1992 World Series (No commissioner stamp) (TOR)
1991 World Series (MIN)
1990 World Series (CIN)
1989 World Series (OAK)
1988 World Series (LAD)
1987 World Series (MIN)
1986 World Series (NYM)
1985 World Series (KC)
1984 World Series (DET)
1983 World Series (BAL)
1982 World Series (STL)
1981 World Series (LAD)
1980 World Series (PHI)
1979 World Series (PIT) (76th WS Logo)
1978 World Series (NYY) (75th WS Logo) (1st Commemorative World Series Ball)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The following lists contain baseballs that are not considered MLB Regular Season / Preseason Game Balls, however most are Officially stamped and some used in regulated exhibition games with the involvement of Major League Baseball and its players. Some “misprints” and “prototypes” may have been used in official game play or batting practice.


2013 World Baseball Classic Game Ball (PICTURED!)
2012 World Baseball Classic Qualifier (Played Sept.-Nov. 2012 for 2013 Tournament) (PICTURED!)
2011 Taiwan All-Star Series (MLB vs. Chinese Taipei National Team)
2009 World Baseball Classic
2006 World Baseball Classic
2006 Japan All-Star Series
2004 Japan All-Star Series
2002 Japan All-Star Series
2000 Japan All-Star Series
2000s? Japan All-Star Series UNKNOWN (No year marked, Selig Ball)
1998 Japan All-Star Series (“Official Ball. Japan All-Star Tour” Multi-colored logo)
1996 Japan All-Star Series (“Official Ball. Japan All-Star Tour”)
1992 Japan All-Star Tour (Made by Mizuno)
1990 Japan All-Star Tour (Rawlings “Official League Ball”)
1988 MLB – Japan All-Star Game (Official Ball, 1988 MLB-Japan All-Star Games)
1986 Super Major Series
1984 Baltimore Orioles Japan Tour Use Unknown (Rawlings AL Brown w/ Stamp on Reverse)
1979 Major League Series AL, NL, Japan


Rawlings Gold Glove Awards Dinner 2011 (Only available as gift for attendees)
2000s-Current Rawlings Hall of Fame Logo Baseball (Selig Stamped Reverse. Blank sweet spot for autographs)
2000s-Current Rawlings Black Baseball, Gold Laces (MLB model with Official Commissioner stamping)
2007 Rawlings Current Version (“Rawlings” lower panel, Sweet Spot blank)
Rawlings GG 6 (“Rawlings” top panel, Sweet Spot blank)
Rawlings GG 5 (Sweet Spot has text, back blank, NEW Rawlings Logo)
Rawlings GG Award 4 (No text on either Sweetspot, OLD Rawlings Logo)
Rawlings GG Award 3 (1993 Awards Dinner, 1000 made)
Rawlings GG Award 2 (1992 Awards Dinner, 1000 made)
Rawlings 1st Gold Glove Award (1991 Awards Dinner, 1000 made)
Rawlings Cy Young Award Baseball (Date Unknown, Like early 2000s)
1984 Olympic Games “The Game Ball” Games of the 23rd Olympiad
1984 Olympic Games “Official Ball” Games of the 23rd Olympiad


2007 Tampa Bay Rays Launch Party “November 8, 2007″ (Used in 2008 Spring Training)
2006 World Baseball Classic Prototype – BLUE STAMPING, No Year on League Panel
2004 All-Star Game – BLACK STAMPING
2004 Cincinnati Great American Ballpark – RED STAMPING
2001 County Stadium Final Game Ball – Reversed Logo (Misprint?)
2001 MLB Tony Gwynn Final Game Ball Version 2 (Reversed logo)
2001 All-Star Futures Version 1 (No Sponsor Logo)
2000 All-Star Game ATL – ALL RED LACES
1999 National League Final Game at Candlestick Park Version 2 Prototype
1999 National League Final Game at Candlestick Park Version 3 Prototype
1999 NL Final Season Astrodome (PROTOTYPE?)
1998 Home Run Derby Ball (Service Merchandise Official Logo Added on Top Panel)
1997 ALCS Misprint (Spelled “Amercain” League and Reversed Logo)
1997 ALDS Misprint (Spelled “Amercain” League)
1996 World Series (With Selig Commissioner Stamp. Unused)
1995 All-Star Game Prototype – Multicolored Logo
1992 World Series Faye Vincent Signature stamped (UNUSED)
1992 All-Star Game Prototype 3 (Orange and Black Laces, Black Stamping)
1992 All-Star Game Prototype 2 (Orange Laces, Black Stamping)
1992 All-Star Game Prototype 1 (Black Laces, Black Stamping)
1990s Spring Training Official Ball (Years unknown. No Commish stamp. USED)
1989 WS (OAK) BLACK STAMPING (Misprint or Practice?)
1979 WS (PIT) (76th WS Logo) RED STAMPING
1978 WS (NYY) (75th WS Logo) BLUE STAMPING


2011 Mariano Rivera 602 Saves
2011 Derek Jeter 3000 Hits DJ3K
2009 MLB 2K9 Welcome to the Bigs (Promo Batting Practice Ball in NY)
2008 NYY All-Star Game Announcement (Promo Ball)
2008 LA Dodgers 50th Anniversary Memorial Stadium (Spring Game – Unused? Only seen 1, signed)
2007 “Griffey Returns” June 22-24 “Welcome back Junior” (Charity Signing – 1000 made)
2007 Red Sox 04/07 WS Champs
2007 MLB Reggie Jackson “Mr. October” 30th Anniversary
2006 NYY Don Larsen 50th Anni. WS Perfect Game
2006 NYY Don Larsen / Yogi Berra 50th Anni. WS Perfect Game
2006 Ashburne Alley (Promo Batting Practice Ball for Phillies)
2005 Rawlings MLB 48th Annual Grammy Awards Ball
2005 White Sox WS Champion Ball
2003 MLB NYY Roger Clemens 300 Wins Commemorative Ball
2003 MLB Bonds 600 Home Runs Commemorative Baseball
2002 MasterCard Great Moments in Baseball Event Sponsor Ball
2001 Father’s Day Ceremonial 1st Pitch Ball (Gold Stamp added; NYM Stadium Only)
2001 Tom Seaver Stats Ball “41″ (Steiner Special?)
2001 MLB 50th Anniversary of the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” (Oct. 3, 2001) (Steiner?)
2000 World Series “Subway Series” NYM, NYY COLOR logos added (Practice Used)
2000 World Series NYM, NYY GOLD logos added (No “Subway Series” Stamp)
2000s Regular Season Selig-Stamped Game Ball RED & BLUE Laces (Regular MLB Logo)
1985 MLB AL NL “Official Ball” “Season’s Greetings 1985″ (Red & Blue stitching)
1980s Hit Pitch & Run Competition Kuhn Stamped (Likely used in competition)