Images of the Rawlings 2010 MLB World Series Baseball, Official Logo Revealed

It’s still July, the 2010 Major League Baseball season recently passed its halfway point with the All-Star Game in Anaheim, and we’re already seeing the 2010 World Series Official Game Ball. Seems a bit early, but regardless, we’re happy to help unveil the new World Series logo for 2010:

2010 World Series, Major League Baseball
The official embroidered patch for the 2010 World Series

And the Official Baseball for the 2010 World Series, below. The initial images never focus on the commemorative logo, but it appears to be the exact same image as the patch above. *UPDATE: We have a better image below that centers on the commemorative logo. Compare to the 2009 World Series Ball – very similar.* Gold stamping of course. This is the second year in a row that the text “Fall Classic” appears in the logo, on the Official Ball. It’s also the third year in a row that the small leaf design, outlined by home plate, appeared on the official game ball.

Rawlings 2010 World Series Baseball Big League Baseballs

Rawlings Official 2010 World Series Baseball -

EDIT: As usual, we’ve updated this post with a better image now that we’ve added it to the Museum of Baseballs World Series Baseball Gallery. These are now available for purchase from major retailers.

Rawlings 2010 Official World Series Game Baseballs

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